Divorce can be brutal, but finding effective representation doesn't have to be.

Divorce can be brutal, but finding effective representation doesn't have to be.

Anderson Law Firm serving Rock Hill, Fort Mill & Gaffney, SC can help ease the stress of this transition.

When married couples or domestic partners separate and contemplate divorce, this event marks a turning point in the parties lives and can be extremely stressful. Anderson Law Firm understands that during this time you need a divorce lawyer that can clearly explain the entire process, your options and every legal avenue that is available to you.

Acquiring the right guidance can help relieve stress and provide you the ability to confidently make decisions that will transition you to your next stage in life. At Anderson Law Firm, this is the exactly the type of representation that we provide our clients. We provide individualized representation to every one of our clients because every situation is unique.

By providing the assistance you need, you'll get help achieving the most positive result with your divorce case, including:

  • A simple or uncontested divorce where no children are involved or the parties have a short term marriage with little to no assets or in situations where the parties have an agreement.
  • A complicated or contested divorce where child custody issues are involved or situations that involve high net worth.
  • Obtaining an annulment or seeking to enforce or avoid a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.
  • Obtaining alimony or spousal support and handling issues relating to division of marital assets and debts and negotiating custodial agreements.

We serve the Rock Hill, Fort Mill & Gaffney, SC areas, as well as all of York County, Cherokee County, and Lancaster Counties. Call now to schedule your initial consultation and get the help you need to get through this difficult time.

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