Anderson Law Firm | Offices Located in Rock Hill & Gaffney, SC

Anderson Law Firm | Offices Located in Rock Hill & Gaffney, SC

Providing excellent legal counsel for residents in York, Cherokee, and Lancaster Counties

If you're currently facing a legal issue, you know the value of having effective representation on your side. For those in and around the Rock Hill, Fort Mill & Gaffney, SC area, the choice is clear - Anderson Law Firm. Our law firm also serves families in York County, Cherokee County, and Lancaster Counties. Attorney Syretta R. Anderson has a true passion for finding justice and the best legal solution for all of her clients, regardless of their situation. Our areas of practice include common family law matters such as divorce, estate planning, child support and child custody.

In addition to family law and civil law matters, Attorney Anderson also fights for clients that are facing serious criminal charges and DUI. Anderson Law Firm is your choice for those residing in and around Rock Hill, Fort Mill & Gaffney, SC.

Having trouble finding a family law attorney you feel comfortable with?

Family law requires a true balance of compassion and strength.

Dealing with a family law issue, like a divorce or a dispute over child custody or child support, is one of the most stressful and trying times in anyone's life. These kinds of conflicts can be resolved in a productive and healthy way with the help of effective legal advice and counsel. If you're dealing with a family law concern in Gaffney or Rock Hill, call Anderson Law Firm today. Attorney Anderson will walk you through the options that you have for getting your legal matter resolved quickly and favorably, doing everything possible to keep your matters private.

If you're dealing with a probate law matter, Anderson Law Firm is available for you as well. Syretta is very well-versed in all matters regarding probate, as well as estate planning and wills and trusts. Probate issues are complicated, with multiple parties, paperwork and deadlines that must be adhered to. Don't try to go it alone - call Anderson Law Firm today for help with your probate case.

Anderson Law Firm also handles Rock Hill, Fort Mill & Gaffney, SC area misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs and other criminal charges

Protect your future with legal representation you can count on.

Criminal charges are no laughing matter. From DUI charges to trespassing to grand larceny, these charges carry long term consequences that will affect your freedoms, as well as your finances. If you've been arrested for any kind of criminal charge, even if you haven't been charged yet, you need to call an attorney immediately. Attorney Anderson has the experience and talent to handle criminal law matters that range from minor misdemeanors all the way up to felonies. Call to schedule your consultation today and get the aggressive, yet compassionate, representation that you need.

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